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Sara Sommerfeld starring in the International feature film Cloudboy

The film is a co-production between Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Netherlands.
Plot: Shy city boy Niilas is forced to spend the summer with his Swedish mother (Sara Sommerfeld) he barely knows. She lives with her new family in Lapland. Against all odds Niilas experiences the most adventurous summer of his life.
Release: spring 2017

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At the movie Theatres and Swedish film awards
Sara Sommerfeld is currently starring in the feature film JerryMaya’s Detective Agency - Stella Nostra, in the role as Sara Bernard. The film is nominated to Best visual effects Award at the Swedish film Award - Guldbagge - 2016.
Showing at movie Theatres all over Sweden:
My grandmother and the Holocaust:
A Documentary film by Sara Sommerfeld

Sara Sommerfeld is currently filming her own documentary about her grandmother and the Holocaust together with coproducer and photographer Johan Romin.

The actress Sara Sommerfeld's grandmother survived the Holocaust, after several years of hell in ghetto, slave labor camps, extermination camp Auschwitz and the so-called Death march. The film takes its starting point today, in Sara's life as an actress and first time mother, and follows her to the places that her grandmother survived during the Second World War. She also meets new-found relatives, interviews Holocaust survivors and history experts, which intertwine into a personal and emotional story about the history of the Holocaust.

The goal of the film is that through this personal story, spread knowledge and awareness about Nazi evil, and thus contribute to combating anti-Semitism.

My grandmother and the Holocaust is being made thanks to The Bindefeld Foundation. It will be broadcasted on Swedish TV4 in Maj 2015.

Watch trailer HERE
Watch teaser HERE
Watch Saras first meeting with her grandmothers cousin and Holocaust survivor Zev Weisblum HERE
Movie premiere of the Swedish Movie JerryMaya Detective Agency  
The Swedish movie Lasse Majas Detektivbyrå - Von Broms hemlighet (JerryMaya Detective Agency) will be opening on Oct 13th at theaters across Sweden. Sara Sommerfeld playes the role of Sara Bernard.  
Sara Sommerfeld as a guest at the morning news - Nyhetsmorgon TV4  
Feature film trilogy for SF  
Sara is currently filming the role of Sara Bernard in a feature film trilogy based on the popular kids books about Lasse Majas Detektivbyrå - Lasse Majas Detective Bureau. The books have been translated to 30 languages. The film is produced by SF, AB Svensk Filmindustri. Director: Walter Söderlund.  
"By Sommerfeld" - Sara Sommerfeld is this years guest designer for the popular brand Mom2Mom

Sara Sommerfeld is the guest designer of 2012, for the popular clothing company Mom2mom. The "By Sommerfeld" collection consists of 9 pcs of garments, of which three pieces are Yoga Clothes. All garments can be used before, during and after pregnancy.

A large part of the profits for two of the garments will go to the charity foundation AMREF. AMREF works with self-help in Africa. The goal of the global campaign "Stand up for African mothers" is to reduce maternal mortality in Africa by 25% by training midwives. Today, one of 16 mothers is at risk of not surviving childbirth, a figure which in Europe is one of 30,000.

Buy the collection here  
The clothes are also available at  
Behind The scenes - at the photo shoot of "By Sommerfeld" for Mom2Mom  
Sara Sommerfeld is performing in the swedish TV Show Sing along  
Sara Sommerfeld will sing and compete together with the artist Anders Ekborg, against the famous comedian Peter Wahlbeck and Richard Olsson, in the 3rd episode of the popular singing TV show Sing along.
Broadcast on TV3, Saturday the 10th of March at 22:00
Star appearance at Stockholm International Horse show
Sara Sommerfeld will be competing in Horse back jumping in "Jumping with the stars" on sunday The 27th of Nov at The Ericsson Globe Arena.
Stockholm International Horse show is the biggest indoor equestrian event in the world in terms of spectators per day.
Follow the show at SVT.
Premiere of the Comedy series ”Gustafsson 3rd floor”
TV 4, Sunday, September 25 20:00.
The famous swedish comedian Robert Gustafsson plays three different characters from three different generations, all living in the same housing association. In the premier episode Gustafsson the older gets a visit from home care, which he doesnt really want. At least not before the visit… Sara Sommerfeld appears as the "Beautiful home care”.
Sara Sommerfeld sings in the swedish TV show Doobidoo  
SVT 1, Friday, September 23 20:00.
Playful TV program that blends spontaneous vocal work, music, memories and exciting artistic formations. In tonight's program: Sara Sommerfeld and Karl Dyall meets Jessica Marberger and Richard Herrey. Host: Lasse Kroner.
Sara Sommerfeld is starring in the official video of Takidas new single Haven Stay.  
Sara Sommerfeld in the comedy Leading Ladies.  
Swedish Premiere of Leading Ladies with Sara Sommerfeld in the female lead.


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The roadmovie Umeå4ever – At Norwegian Movie Theaters from april 1st  
”Great acting!”

”The Swedish actress Sara Sommerfeld gives all in an embarrassing scene in a lonely hotel room. Several such moments could be have given UMEÅ4ever a much needed energy.”

”good actors at all levels”

”A very funny variation of the classic "road movie"

”The director have succeeded in the delicate balance between ironic caricature (Stians discovery of self pity that no one cares about him) and an underlying seriousness (the guy is truly deceived - again and again!)”
Swedish Premiere of Leading Ladies  
This summer, Sara Sommerfeld will be playing the female lead in the comedy PrimaDonnor. The play is a Swedish version of Leading Ladies, written by Ken Ludwig, and has had a great success in the U.S. after opening in 2004.
Joakim Nätterqvist, known as Arn: The knight Templar, and Göran Gillinger, will be playing the male leads.


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Raving reviews for Sara Sommerfeld as Rizzo in Grease - The swedish version, on Tour
"Best of all is the actress Sara Sommerfeldt, who makes her musical debut as Doris (Rizzo in English). Not only is she the best actress in the whole show, but she actually sings really well too and is both funny and serious when needed. "

"... Well-done reinterpretation of the classic original, with great actors and even better musical numbers ... thanks to the classical music and especially the amazing Sara Sommerfeldt."

(Jönköping Posten)

"... The most experienced actors Sara Sommerfeld and Ewa Fröling stands out."

"Those who raise the performance and makes it worth seeing is all the fun supporting roles. Sara Sommerfeld terrific as cocky Doris. "

"... It is Sara Sommerfeld, in the role of the tough Doris, who" steals" the show."

(Gefle Dagblad)
Grease - the swedish version on tour
After this spring's success, Sara Sommerfeld will be back as Rizzo in the musical Grease- the Swedish version. Now all over the country!


Sara got brilliant reviews for her portrayal at Göta Lejon, Stockholm:
"Sara Sommerfeld's tough Doris is almost a Leading Role. Full of sharp lines, some sort of blackness on the inside, and the best sung ballad."

"both the "T-bird" guys and the "Lux" (Pink) ladies offers strong personalities - not the least Sara Sommerfeld who does a Doris (Rizzo), with a great edge."

"The strongest characters are among some of the co-stars. Sara Sommerfeld is convincing as the teenage bitch with strong integrity"

"The new version of Grease, at the Gota Lejon Theatre, is something other than what we've seen before. It is a daring approach, which is not often seen on the Swedish musical scene." "The one who acts with the best edge is Sara Sommerfeld
Sara Sommerfeld is hosting an election debate for Swedish TV
Actress Sara Sommerfeld debuts as a moderator in UR's "The choice is yours" - an election debate for the first time voters. In the past Sara has been hosting the Breast Cancer Gala "just breasts" for TV4, together with actresses Lena Endre and Kim Andersson, but with the program "The choice is yours" she makes her debut as a moderator for an election debate.
Speakers will be among others: Birgitta Ohlsson (minister for European Union Affairs), Annie Johansson (c), Josefin Brink (v) and Gustav Fridolin (mp).
"The choice is yours" is sent 12 September, 16:30 in Kunskapskanalen.
Currently filming:  
Sara Sommerfeld is currently filming the Norwegian Feature Film "Umeå4ever". Cast: Jon Skolmen, Vegar Hoel, Marika Lagercrantz, Sondre Krogroft Larsen och Camilla Frey. Director: Geir Greni.  

Follow "Umeå4ever" on Facebook
Sara Sommerfeld Backstage and behind the cameras... Interview with Sara Sommerfeld on  
Sara Sommerfeld becomes Pink Lady in Grease
– The swedish version
Sara Sommerfeld will be playing the part of The Pink Ladies Leader, Betty Rizzo, (in this version called Doris), in a reinterpretation of the cult musical Grease, at the Göta Lejon Theatre in Stockholm. The story takes place in Sweden where 50s becomes 60s. It's Grease on a whole new way. with new ruffer music events, new swedish lyrics and a new attitude. In order to present Grease - the Swedish version, extensive work with new translations and adaptation of scripts, has been made by Anders Lundin. The director is none other than Sweden's Mr. Showbiz - Hans Marklund. Additional cast: Ewa Fröling, Marie Serneholt, Sebastian Karlsson, Nour El-Refai, Janet Leon
The Musical will open 4th of Feb 2010.

This Year´s Christmas movie: Göta kanal 3 - Kanalkungens hemlighet  

The Swedish action comedy "Göta Kanal 3 - Kanalkungens hemlighet" is the third film in the very popular Göta Kanal series and it is expected to be a huge blockbuster when it opens in theatres all over Sweden this Christmas. Sara Sommerfeld stars as Tanja Svensson, the assistant to the enforcement officer Peter Black (played by Magnus Härenstam). She starts out as an "Ugly Betty", but ends up being a hot Charlies angel...

Movie Trailer
Only a few performances left of the play "Full Speed Ahead" at the Stockholm City Theater:  
Foto: Petra Hellberg

"It is an outstanding ensemble. It is accurate, funny and poignant. The focus is Norma, played by Sara Sommerfeld, and in shiny varnish clothing she makes Norma to a glowing energy beam on the verge of collapse, searching for warmth and closeness. Oh, oh, oh, how brilliant she is! We just love Norma!”

"Top Level straight through"
SR Eldorado

".. one chilling contemporary document" "Endurance dietist Norma, Sara Sommerfeld, in black latex, goes off on hunger and lives out like a sexhuligan."
"Three sisters" at the Stockholm City Theatre
Sara Sommerfeld is starring as Natasha in this very successful play, directed by Alexander Mork-Eidem, at the Stockholm City Theatre. This critically acclaimed production is playing to sold out houses. The Swedish daily paper Svenska Dagbladet states that this is "another masterpiece at the Stockholm City Theatre" and that "this brilliant adaptation is both sophisticated and for everyone". Kulturnytt (Swedish National Radio, channel 1): "For anyone who has his doubts about theatre as an art form and who dispises the classics, please go and experience this play. This is as good as it gets". For more information and tickets:

Beck - Advokaten on swedish channel 4
Sunday 22 Feb at 21:00. Sara Sommerfeld plays the lead crime victim, Ulrika Lindén, in Beck - Advokaten, nr 20 in the series about Chief Inspector Martin Beck. This thriller is directed by the well known and awarded Swedish director Kjell Sundvall. The cast includes Peter Haber, Mikael Persbrandt, Ingavar Hirdwall, Marie Göranzon and Dan Ekborg.
"Sara Sommerfeld stars as Patrik Hansson's young girlfriend Ulrika Lindén. Her presence is outstanding and her eyes are very expressive. She is absolutely perfect for this role".
Rasmus Tirzitis (
Stage: Great reviews for Sara in "Charlotte Lowenskold"
Sara has received brilliant reviews for her performance in "Charlotte Lowenskold" at the City Theatre of Stockholm. A quick glance at some of the positive reviews:
"Sara Sommerfeld´s Charlotte is sweet and strong as the first Swedish glögg (hot wine punch), a chiclite heroine filled with warmth and ethics." (Nummer)
"Frightening and wonderfully funny...Charlotte is played with deep warmth by Sara Sommerfeld (
"...the reason for me falling in love with this play is mostly because of the brilliant acting... Sara Sommerfeld put some spice into the sugarsweet role of Charlotte Lowenskold." (Aftonbladet)
"The actors are great..." (Svenska Dagbladet)
Charlotte Lowenskold" is playing at the City Theatre of Stockholm (Klarascenen) until March 25th, 2009.
For more information and tickets:
The Women and Men of 2009
Sommerfeld is portrayed as Athena - the Greek Goddess of Wisdom - in the celebrity calendar "Women and Men of 2009" designed and produced by Swedish photographer Caroline Roosmark. The project supports the Lugna Gatan organization in its work to counteract violence on the streets.
For more information and to order the calendar,

TV - "Livet i Fagervik" SVT1
The SVT series about a lawyer and his assistant is broadcasted on a weekly basis (12 episodes). Sara is guest starring as "Karin"
on Monday, November 3rd at 20.00 hrs. For more information:
TV - "Pang! Pang!" SVTB (Barnkanalen)
Tisdagen den 18 november kl 19.05 medverkar Sara i "Pang! Pang!, ett filmprogram för barn. Sara skall lära programledarna hur man spelar förälskad på film.
Mer information:
Stage - "Charlotte Lowenskold" and "Den allvarsamma leken" at the City Theatre of Stockholm
Sara is currently in rehearsals at the City Theatre of Stockholm. She will be playing the title role in the play "Charlotte Lowenskold" by the Swedish legendary writer Selma Lagerlof,
who was awarded the Nobel Prize in litterature in 1909. The play, which is directed by Elisabeth Frick, opens on Selma Lagerlof's 150th birthday, November 20th. Sara is also playing the role of Dagmar in the play "Den
allvarsamma leken" by the Swedish writer Hjalmar Soderberg (directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlof) until November 6th. She is co-starring with Gustav Skarsgard, Livia Millhagen among
others. For more information and tickets:
Theatre - "The Lights" by Howard Korder at the Gothenburg Municipal Theatre
One night among the manhattanites, deep down on the streets and on top of the skyscrapers. A provoking, poetical and existential drama in a city where ”the sky is the limit”.
Sara Sommerfeld is starring in "The Lights" directed by Stefan Metz with newly written music by Anna Terneheim. The play's first night in Sweden took place at the Gothenburg Municipal Theatre - and Sara garnered rave reviews!
A quick glance at some of the positive reviews:
"...a wonderful feast for eyes and ears...a brilliant production! Ruth Vega Fernandez and Sara Sommerfeld make a tight team...a pure joy to watch" (Göteborgsposten)
"Sommerfeld and Fernandez are a perfect match" (Dagens Nyheter)
"The production is smart, well-reasoned, masterly.
And I haven't even so far mentioned the two stars Ruth Vega Fernandez och Sara Sommerfeld. One moment they are like two-dimensional cardboard figures and the next alive and vulnerable like you and me.
A theatre performance can hardly get any better than this" (Expressen/GT)
"Sommerfeld's interpretation is delicate and highly credible" (Nummer)
Buy tickets:
Feature film - Baba's Cars
In the swedish feature film Baba's Cars, a gangster comedy directed by Rafael Edholm, Sara Sommerfeld plays the female lead of 'dumb blonde' Annso. The movie participated in the category Variety Critics' Choice at The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (30 June - 7 July 2006). See trailer here.
"A 'Fargo'-influenced comedy set in the frozen wilds of northern Sweden, 'Baba's Cars' is an enjoyable romp involving Russian drug runners, small-time shysters, and a lot of jokes [...] The cast obviously enjoyed themselves to the full: Both Wilson ('Evil') and Sommerfeld ('Wings of Glass') are better known outside Sweden for their dramatic perfs, but here show they're more than capable of holding their own in lighter fare." ( 2006)
Theatre – "Les Mains Sales" ("Dirty Hands")
by Jean-Paul Sartre
At the City Theatre of Stockholm

Sara is playing the female lead in the political thriller "Les Mains Sales" ("Dirty Hands”), by the great French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. The play is directed by Ragnar Lyth and is playing at the City Theatre of Stockholm (the Klara Stage) until October 31st. Other actors in this production are Leif Andrée, Andreas Kundler and Jessica Liedberg.
Sara has received brilliant reviews for her performance.
"Sara Sommerfeld creates a both funny and intelligent portrait." (Kulturnytt, Swedish Radio),
"Sara Sommerfeld shines as Hugos wife, Jessica. During the first act she is a buxom bimbo, a flirty Modesty Blaise cousine. It's very funny..." (Svenska Dagbladet).
"Sara Sommerfeld's performace as Hugo's young wife is filled with saltiness, warmth and humour. It's and intelligent and very entertaining play." (Expressen)
Theatre - "Modet att döda"
A success according to the swedish audience and critics
A modern classic written by Lars Norén and directed by Kia Berglund.
"...a reborn belief on what miracles the art of theatre still can show us when it is at its best and most important [...] Sara Sommerfeld, the cocky girlfriend yearning for affection, with a naive sexual lead, makes her a Lolita of cruelty." (Dagens Nyheter)
"Sara Sommerfeld is astonishing" (Sveriges Radio)
"Sara Sommerfeld...excellent, giving Radka life and energy." (Svenska Dagbladet)
"...such an exposing empathy with which they take the breath away from the spectator. How they act! close as this we hardly never get to the inner nerv of theatre." (Expressen)
"...the ensemble, directed by Kia Berglund, accomplishes impressive achievements." (Aftonbladet)
" outstanding ensemble" (Stockholm City)
The play has the great honour to be invited to the Swedish National Theater Festival in Örebro, Sweden (May 2007).
For more information click here.
The play was also invited to The Copenhagen Theatre Days in Denmark (2 Aug - 4 Aug) and to The International Theatre Festival Lainsuojattomatin Finland (8 sept - 10 sept)
For more information, please visit Teater Giljotin.
Theatre - "Älskade" by Kia Berglund at Teater Giljotin
"Älskade" is a story about a dinner that lasts for three years. A dinner which starts when a man and a woman, in their thirties, meets and falls desperately in love. The play's author, Kia Berglund, is also the director. Sara plays the Woman and Reuben Sallmander the Man. Runs at the Teater Giljotin until April 29th.
For more information, please visit Teater Giljotin.
"Their acting is convincing and often funny." (Dagens Nyheter)
"Two brilliant actors with a great chemistry."(Stockholm City)
"One of the most powerful stage theatre
experiences during the spring."(Scentidningen Nummer)
"The actors performances are both self exposed and touching."
(Upsala Nya Tidning)